How to Tile a Floor – Essential Information on How to Tile a Floor


Finding out how to tile a floor is one of these tasks by using good planning and proper instruction could be completed very successfully. This short article will direct you and provide some essential tips about how to tile a floor.

Surface preparation is key for your success.

Your surface should be smooth and level as well as any excess adhesive ought to be scraped off before you begin, to go out of a level and smooth surface. Starting to tile with an uneven surface is a recipe for disaster from the very beginning.


One of the most typical mistakes of the DIY tiler is utilizing the incorrect kind of adhesive. If you are tiling a shower room or bathroom you need to use waterproof adhesive. If you use any other kind of adhesive you are going to find that following a short time the moisture within the bathroom will find its way underneath the tiles and cause crumbling that will eventually result in your tiles lifting. The cost of adhesive differs a lot, and I also don’t need to indicate here that it must be best not to accept cheapest brand you find.


When beginning a tiling job you should make use of a batten. The batten acts as the guide and keeps your tiles inside a straight line. When positioning your batten you have to remember to utilize a spirit level to make sure that the first row of tiles is totally straight. Make certain that your walls usually are not running off. This is often a symptom in older houses and it seems sensible to check on this primary.

Fix Mistakes Immediately.

While you still learn, it is inevitable which you will make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of learning when finding out how to tile a floor. It is very important to repair your mistakes quickly. If you don’t immediately respond to your mistakes you might end up getting more waste than you will want. Adhesive can set quickly, therefore the quicker you react, the better. Because of this if you are just finding out how to tile a floor I would recommend that you just do not use quick drying adhesive.



When grouting your tiles, it is crucial to obtain rid of the excess grout quickly. Grout dries quickly and can be challenging to get rid of. By taking out the excess immediately you might be reducing on work that you may have to accomplish later. Usually do not wash the tiles up until the grout has dried. Hold off until they may be dry and dusty before you decide to wash. You will likely have to clean them several times.

Bad Planning.

Bad planning inevitably results in disaster. Before starting any tiling job it is essential to have all you need available. You must have the right quantity of tiles, the right adhesive, tile spacers and grout. Bad planning can cost you money and then leave you very frustrated. Naturally, you require to possess the right tools to do the job. Being a starting place, you may need a spreader, a floating sponge, and a high-quality tile cutter.


Regardless of how good you might be at tiling, there will probably inevitably be waste. You need to however not see anymore than 15% waste. Which means that if you are ordering your tiles you have to order 15% a lot more than the total amount you will have to cover your floor. After finishing the task, if you have tiles remaining, It is usually a smart idea to keep a few spares. If you have more than this it is not uncommon for the supplier to consider back unused tiles. We have even known suppliers to consider back and refund on single tiles.

Finding out how to tile a floor is one of these DIY tasks that whenever approached properly using the right tools, as well as the right planning could be performed successfully. To make successful of anything instructions are essential and laying tile is not any different.