Home HeatingSummer is officially over and fall is around the corner. Before the weather gets a little too chilly, make sure your home is ready to stay warm and cozy. Be careful, though, because if you’re not your heating bills can add up pretty quickly.

To avoid the added costs of heating your home that fall and winter bring, you should make sure that your home furnace is running in tip top condition. That could mean installing a new furnace that’s energy efficient, or just improving the overall efficiency of your home.

Maintain Your HVAC System Properly

One of the best things you could do is to make sure that your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is running at it’s best.

Most HVAC experts say you should do a check-up monthly and a furnace/AC tune-up twice yearly – once before summer and once before winter. During your check-up make sure the unit is clean and there is no damage to it. Since it’s almost winter, if you need some repair work, it can be done quickly by calling your local Winnipeg furnace repair specialists.

On the other hand, if it’s your AC that’s causing some issues, you can wait to make the repairs until the spring time or closer to summer.

And before you worry about expensive repairs, think about this – the cost of repairs may be offset by a better running HVAC unit in the long run!

FurnacesUpgrade Out Dated Equipment

If you’re running a super old furnace and heating system then you definitely want to consider upgrading your equipment. Don’t think you can get away with sub-par stuff. Older equipment tends to cost more to run once it’s aged.

So, again, in the long term you’re likely going to save money by switching to an energy efficient furnace. Look for an energy-star rating on any new equipment you’re planning on buying.

You can try and buy this used, but be careful that the previous owner did not take good care of it while they were running it in their house.

Some great brands to look at include Lennox, Rheem and Ruud. If you’re not sure which kind of furnace to pick check out this guide on choosing a furnace by Ruud.

Inspect Your Ducts for Leaky Areas

Finally, make sure you inspect all your home ducts for leaky areas. If you notice any leaks then be sure to patch them up before winter starts.

If you’re running your heating a lot and it doesn’t seem to warm up the house properly, it could be due to leaks. One of the best ways to cut down on energy bills due to home heating is by keeping the airflow tight and only going where it’s intended to go.

Beyond your home’s ducts, make sure there are no drafts coming in from badly sealed windows or doors.

Stay Warm This Winter

This winter, make sure you’re not left in the cold. Your home should be a warm haven from the bitter winds and snow. Following the tips in this article will help you save money, so you can stay cozy.