Maintaining your house includes many upgrades and purchases that request having proper tool equipment in your home. It is very smart investment to get well-stock tools on time because it will give you much more in return for a long time. Few basic tools will help you with smooth-running home.


The necessity of having a toolbox is overlooked among people, and they are not aware of its importance regarding the organization of your tools. Best and most important tools usually end up hidden in basements, garage shelves or some random drawers and people lose a lot of time searching for them.


There are a lot of cheap tool boxes with a lot of compartments and pockets which will save a lot of your time and make it easier to carry all tools you need while maintaining over the house.


While buying a good hammer, it is good to pay attention to vibration dampening coatings and comfortable grip. Since usual maintaining with a hammer will be some pounding of nails and occasional demolition, it is smart to choose a model which has a straight claw in a place of the curved claw. Head of the hammer should be smooth, so you don’t make additional damage to the surface while pounding.


img-gen19Good quality mixed set of various screwdrivers will do wonders in almost every maintaining in your home. Starting from flat heads, Phillips head sizes, over magnetic heads to simple metal ones. Many people use screwdriver bits with their cordless electric drills, but it is recommended to always have few standard ones just in case.


A good set of pliers includes combination pliers, locking pliers and long-nose pliers. These tools are essential when it comes to manipulating the tiny object by holding them.

Measuring tape


This is an especially invaluable tool in many maintaining processes. A ¾ inch wide model should do the job for starters. Fatter ones usually can be overkill, and the thinner ones fall out of place making more just more mess.


All mentioned tools will not come in handy if you unexpectedly go out of the power at your property. So a dedicated and trusty LED flashlight will never abandon you in this critical situation especially if you hear some strange noises in the middle of the night.